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The Ultimate Music Blog
Posted July, 29th 2008
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As many of you know because you have been following my blog, I am attempting to design the most creative, exceptional wedding my guests have ever attended.  The last few months I’ve been blogging about my different ideas and different experiences I’ve had at friends and family weddings that I’ve attended recently.  Well, last week I experienced my most favorite thing yet!  I went to my cousin Rose’s wedding at Sacred Heart Church.  She had these trumpeters who wear the costumes.  You know, the medieval costumes.  (My fiancé kept wondering if they carry swords, too – even he was amazed by them).  I had heard about them before, but I had never seen them.  Two of my other cousins who are getting married next year have also booked them, so I thought that it might be repetitive to have them too, but they sounded so amazing and everyone loved them so much.  And when I called and spoke to the girl in the office, she said that they have a whole bunch of different costumes, or even tuxedoes if I want them to wear that, to be different.  I can also pick different music, like, since my wedding will be around Christmas time they can play carols.  How cute is that!  Anyway, off to another appointment, this time a person who sells those Christmas bells for everyone to ring as my honey and I leave the church.  You can see pics of the trumpets at Rose’s wedding below and I have linked to the site of the company if any of you are interested.  I’ll let you know about the bells in my next blog!


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